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Montgomery Irrigation offers the best quality residential and commercial irrigation and sprinkler contracting service, repair, design and installation to homes and businesses throughout Talbot County Maryland including Easton, Cordova, Trappe, Oxford, St. Michaels, Bozman, Tilghman Island, Royal Oak, Claiborne, Newcomb, McDaniel, Neavitt, Sherwood, Wittman, Wye Mills, Matthews and zip codes: 21612, 21624, 21625, 21601, 21647, 21652, 21653, 21654, 21662, 21663, 21665, 21671, 21673, 21676 & 21679.

Services available include:

  • winterizing sprinkler systems and irrigation Easton MD
  • deck lighting
  • sidewalk, walkway, paths and decorative driveway lights
  • drip irrigation
  • lawn sprinkling systems for all size yards
  • backflow preventer testing
  • landscape lighting in Talbot County MD
  • lawn irrigation system service
  • lawn sprinkler system repairs Talbot County MD
  • irrigation system design and installation
  • lawn irrigation audits
  • outdoor lights
  • rainwater harvesting systems
  • ecosystem ponds / streams / waterfalls
  • wetland filters - installation and repairs
  • duck ponds and swimming ponds
  • sprinkler head repairs
  • sprinkler valve repairs and controller repairs
  • irrigation pipe and pump repairs
  • pump installation and service
  • drainage installation and service
  • solar lights for illumination and safety
  • irrigation for water conservation
  • pond installation
  • energy efficient LED landscape lighting Talbot County MD
  • underwater lighting to illuminate ponds and waterfalls
  • water features
  • waterfall installation
  • garden irrigation systems
  • sprinkler and waterline repair
  • maintenance of sprinklers

... for residential homes, landscape beds, trees and ornamentals, hanging plant watering, container irrigation, commercial businesses, golf courses, tennis courts, nurseries and gardens, athletic sport fields, high schools, middles schools, parks and more. Our professional lawn irrigation contractors serve all of Talbot County Maryland.